KONYA: Konya is one of the major tourist attractions in Turkey in virtue of the testimony of the past in which the history, culture and architecture of ancient city become one. Events centered in Konya acquired a particular dimension from the first half of the 13 th century on, when it was chosen as welling place by Gelatettin Rumi, who passed into history as Mevlana. The lovely Türbeh of the mausoleum of Mevlana, with its intense green color that cab be seen from anywhere in the city. The famous “Whirling Dervishes” the right hand is raised in prayer the left points towards the graund, the whirling movement of the dance symbolizes the rotation of the universe around God.
CAPPADOCIA: Millions of years ago, Mount Erciyes convulsed the surrounding ladscape with a torrent of Lava, smothering hundreds o miles must have been one of the greatest upheavals on the planet . The result is a fairy-tale landscape, a child’s delight, where dravers, fairies and other supernatural beings seen to have just stepped round the corner, or perhaps gone indoors through the little doorway in the rock you were standing beside. The most interesting sites of the Cappadocia include the rock churches of Göreme, The red coned monastic complex of Zelve, the villages or Ortahisar and Uçhisar clustered around rock pinnacles, the canyon of Ihlara and the Underground cities of Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu.
PERGE: The ruins of the city, although not on the scale of Efhessus, Pergamon, are neverless vast. Most of today’ s Perge however, belongs to the Pax Romana – the theatre, stadium, baths and colonaded street. The stadiun is one of the best preserved of the ancient world.
ASPENDOS: Some 25 miles east of Antalya and 3 miles of the main road lies Aspendos, graced with a theatre that rivals any single adifice on the Turkish coast. Built on the second century and seating 15.000, the structure is nearly entire except for part of the upper cornice. İt is architect was Xenon a local lad, whose secret formula for creating such perfect acoustics has not yet been discovered.
KURŞUNLU WATERFALLS: The Kurşunlu Waterfalls is in distance along the Antalya – Alanya highway, which is a fascinating national park of Antalya.


Day 1: Arrival to Antalya Airport and Transfer to the Hotel
1. Night - Accommodation in Antalya Region.
Day 2: Departure from Antalya to Konya. Visit of Mevlana Museum.
2. Night - Accommodation Konya Region
Day 3: Move to Cappadocia. Afternoon we will visit Open air museum Cappadocia.
3. Night - Accommodation in Cappadocia Region.
Day 4: Early morning BALLOON riding, visit of Pasabag valley, Göreme valley, photo breaks,
Üchisar Castle and Güvercinlik valley. At aftenoon we will see the Cavusin Village,
Cultur of Cappadocia , the Onyx. Last stop the Asiklar valley and arrival at the hotel and dinner.
4. Night Accommodation in the Cappadocia Region.
Day 5: Avanos tour, visit the pottery workshop. Photo break bye the Kizilirmak river,
after visit the Three Beautiful Girls Fairy Chimneys. Aftenoon visit of Kemal Pasha
and backt to hotel and evening Cappadocian Turkish Night.
5. Night - Accommodation in Cappadocia Region
Day 6: Carpet store, Ihlara Valley and Sema Show.
6. Night - Accommodation in Cappadicia Region
Day 7: Move to Antalya. Traveling throughout the day and evening to the Hotel and Turkish Bath.
7. Night – Accommodation in Antalya Region
Day 8: Perge, Aspendos tour and return to the Airport.


  • Start and Back to the Airport
  • 8 days and 7 night accommodation included Breakfast.(4 – 5 Star Hotels)
  • The guiding service will be in English , Finish or Norwegian .
  • The entrance fees are inclusive.
  • The lunch & dinner prices per meal are 10.-€ extra to pay.
  • Balloon tour, Cappadcia Turkish Night, Sema Show & Turkish Bad are extra.
  • All drinks are extra.
  • İnternational Flight Tickets are not inclusive.


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